Keepin it Groovy, stayin mellow

Keepin it Groovy, stayin mellow

Keepin it Groovy, stayin mellowKeepin it Groovy, stayin mellow

Let Us Share Our Passion With You

A Little About Us


Our Story

Originally from the corn fields of Ohio, this husband & wife duo took their love for music to the shores of the Gulf Coast of Florida in 2013. Where the crashing waves make us want to sing, dance, and chase the sun until the day is done.


What Inspires Us

This earth is filled with so many beautiful, ever changing things that inspire us everyday. Nature is one our biggest inspirations. From the waves of Kauai, to the mountains of Colorado, to the quiet shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Every experience and new encounter we have inspires us to create sounds and lyrics that remind us of our adventures together. To us, music makes the world go round.


Our Influences

Music is something we both live and breathe. Every genre, every artist, every songwriter who puts their heart into lyrics, every lead guitar player who leaves it all on the stage every night. They influence us. They give us life, and the fire in our soul that words just can't explain. Decades and decades of musicians have led us to who we are today. We are so blessed to be able to share who we are thru the power of music.

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